AccuTools® Products Overview

Leak Detectors

AccuTools® Gas Leak Detectors are sensitive, effective, and easy-to-use battery operated instruments. From traditional refrigerants to CO2 and combustible gases, our leak detectors are a must for every technician's tool box.

All of our leak detectors are microprocessor controlled, and feature simple one-button operation. Despite their outward simplicity, their innovative technology make the job easier, faster, and more accurate.

Our Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector detects all CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs. The Combustible Gas Leak Detector is UL Recognized for intrinsic safety in hazardous locations, and the new CO2 Leak Detector utilizes infrared technology for the detection of CO2 (R744) gas.

eL-320 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
eL-520 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector
eL-720 CO2 (R744) Gas Leak Detector

Refrigerant Scales and Charging Accessories

The AccuTools® line of Scales and Charging Accessories has brought the industry a new standard for accuracy, dependability and versatility.

Fully Programmable and built to last, our DS-220R will out-perform any other refrigerant charging scale. By adding fluid measuring and counting capabilities, the DS-220 is truly a Versatile Digital Scale. Attaching our field proven CM-500 Charging Module to any of our scales adds full automatic charging capability.

DS-220 Versatile Scale
DS-220R Digital Charging Scale
CM-500 Charging Module

Vacuum Gauges

The revolutionary BluVac family of Digital Vacuum Gauges utilizes patented technology to bring you the accuracy of a scientific gauge in a field-ready tool. Our BluVac gauges outperform all others and address the problems previously encountered with other micron gauges such as sub-par accuracy, loss of calibration, or having to guess if the gauge is contaminated with oil. With self-diagnostic sensors and field calibration, the BluVac family of gauges will increase your productivity and never leave you guessing about your work or questioning your tools in any environment.

The BluVac is a full featured gauge offering unique features such as programmability for both pressure and time as well as vacuum leak rate and ambient temperature indicators.

The BluVac Professional adds additional productivity features, including additional units, saturation temperature, and our exclusive Rise-Time Analyzer which quickly ensures a perfect evacuation.

Incorporating Bluetooth Smart®, the BluVac+ Pro adds wireless capability to the Professional platform, allowing connectivity to your Android or iOS mobile devices.

The BluVac LTE provides all the accuracy and reliability of the BluVac, and is tailored to those budget conscious technicians who do not require the additional features.

Finally, our ┬ÁBluVac ("Micro BluVac") takes full advantage of our proven BluVac technology to provide an instrument of the smallest possible size and the lowest possible cost, while maintaining full unbeatable accuracy and performance.

BluVac Digital Vacuum Gauge
BluVac+ Professional Digital Vacuum Gauge
BluVac Professional Digital Vacuum Gauge
BluVac LTE Digital Vacuum Gauge
┬ÁBluVac Digital Micron Gauge