Not sure if you noticed, but we’ve improved our adapters!

If you’ve purchased a kit after March 1, 2020 you likely have the new adapters. Here’s what to look for in the new editions.

New 1/2 Inch Adapter

Old 1/2 Inch Adapter

New 1/4 inch Adapter

Old 1/4 inch Adapter

New Right Angle Adapter

Old Right Angle Adapter

So let’s talk facts. If you look closely at the images you will notice the port center is a bit bigger on the newer adapters. You may be thinking, “The wider ports will have faster flow than the older ones.” The larger port size does NOT affect the speed of the evacuation. If you need more explanation on why port size doesn’t matter, take a look at this video. The port size only matters until 20,000 microns is hit, which is milliseconds worth of time in a normal vacuum.

So you’re probably asking yourself “Well why did they change their adapters then?” We made these changes for a few reasons; The newer adapters are a bit more compact, they look better and they have fewer brazing points.

Why we make removable ends.. because sometimes you need a right-angle.

If you’re looking for replacement gaskets

Which gasket to purchase? 

AccuTools changed the brass adapters in late February 2020; it hit the shelves in early March.  The differences between the parts is the older gasket is raised above the lip of the adapter.  In the new adapters, the gaskets fit well within the fitting. 

Part Number for older adapters SA10868

Part Number for new adapters SA10868-1

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