Welcome to AccuTools®

What is AccuTools®

AccuTools® is the trademark line of products designed and manufactured by Core Enterprises, Inc. The AccuTools® line provides innovative, dependable, and cost-effective products for the HVAC/R, Automotive, Industrial and Test and Measurement markets.

Markets and Industries

AccuTools® products are designed for, and used by, HVAC service and repair technicians, process and test engineers, quality control, inventory and many other professionals.

Technologies and Patents

Our rugged, high-quality tools use state-of-the-art technologies and ergonomic designs to provide reliable and accurate solutions. They are designed for many years of reliable service under harsh environmental conditions.

Incorporating several proprietary technologies and patents, AccuTools® became a leader in supplying HVAC/R Service Instruments. Its latest recognition as a 2009 Gold Award winner by the “ACHR News” Dealer Design Awards demonstrates its commitment to the development of new, innovative, and cost-effective products and technologies.

Sales and Distribution

The AccuTools® products are sold primarily through wholesalers and distributors throughout North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and the Far East.