DS-220R + CM-500 Refrigerant Charging Scale with Automatic Charging Module


The patented AccuTools® DS-220R Charging Scale is the most accurate and precise refrigerant meter available today with features that cannot be found anywhere else. Its large 220lb. capacity, precise accuracy, and 0.1 oz resolution makes it ideal for HVAC and Refrigeration service, including Critical Charging of small refrigeration systems. Its patented design and construction makes it very durable, light, and easy to carry on ladders and rooftops.With an impressive list of features including programmability, alarm feature, field calibration and a scientific accuracy, the DS-220R is unmistakable the choice scale in today’s market.

The AccuTools® CM-500 Automatic Charging Module, used in conjunction with the DS-220 or DS-220R, automates the dispensing of fluids and gasses. Battery operated, it seamlessly attaches to the scale control module using an optical interface becoming an integral part of the scale.Ideal for HVAC/R automatic charge/recover of refrigerants, the CM-500 can also be used for automatic dispensing of other fluids or gases compatible with the Neoprene-W valve seal.

What’s Included

  • DS-220R Charging Scale
    • Rugged Nylon Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap.
    • Batteries (4 AAA Alkaline)
    • Instruction Manual
  • CM-500 Automatic Charging Module
    • Batteries (4 AA Alkaline)
    • Instruction Manual

DS-220R Features

  • 100 kg (220 Lb.) capacity, 2 gram (0.1 oz.) resolution, and 0.5% accuracy under all conditions.
  • Measures kilograms, pounds, pounds & ounces, and ounces.
  • Can program the desired charge weight and the built-in alarm will indicate when the programmed threshold has been reached. The CM-500 Automatic Charging Module when attached to the DS220R, will shut off the flow when the designated threshold is met. This important feature will allow the technician to perform other jobs while the system is being charged thus saving time and money.
  • Refrigerant tank capacity indication. When enabled, this feature indicates how much liquid is left in the tank
  • Battery life indicator
  • Rugged, low-profile design uses less work and storage space.
  • Lightweight and easily transportable. Equipped with carrying handle and nylon pouch with straps and accessory pockets.
  • Large, high-contrast backlit LCD allows easy viewing in all environments.
  • Integrated hinged easel. Control module can be rested on flat surface or hung.
  • Control module and long six foot coiled cord stores inside platform when not in use.
  • The DS220 can be easily re-calibrated in the field with inexpensive reference weights, if needed, or the factory calibration restored to the original settings.


CM-500 Features

  • “All-In-One” design allows the DS-220/DS-220R control box, CM-500 module and fittings to fit in one simple hand held unit
  • Quick attach loading dock with spring latch to allow quick and easy attachment of the DS-220/DS-220R control box.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the DS-220/DS-220R creating a compact automatic charge/recovery system.
  • Optical Interface eliminates additional wires between charging module and weigh scale.
  • Rugged and sleek hand-held design for easy handling and storage.
  • 500 PSI valve compatible with all refrigerants.


DS-220R Specifications

Capacity 100 kilograms (220 Pounds)
Accuracy 0.5% of Reading
+/- 1 Least Significant Digit
Resolution 2g, 0.005 lbs., 0.1 oz.
Batteries 4 x 1.5V ‘AAA’
Alkaline Batteries (6 VDC)
Battery Life 30 Hours Continuous
Operating Temperature 0°C – 60°C
(32°F – 140°F)
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
Dimensions 26.7 cm x 26.7 cm x 4.5 cm
(10.5” x 10.5” x 1.75”)
U.S. Patent D523,366


CM-500 Specifications

Charging Ports ¼” MFL fittings
Materials Valve Body Brass
Seal Neoprene-W
Max. Valve
Operating Pressure
Batteries 4 x 1.5V ‘AA’
Alkaline Batteries (6 VDC)
Battery Life 200 Hours Continuous
Operating Temperature 32°F – 122°F (0°C –50°C)
Weight 0.55 kg (1.2 Lbs.)
with Batteries
Dimensions 21.6 x 10.2 x 4.8 cm.
(8.5 x 4.9 x 1.9 in)


Owner’s Manuals


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