Core Tool Problem

I can’t pull below 1000 microns, I think my core tool is leaking.

Answer: Which core tool are you using? Some off brand core tool schrader’s will sit a bit low, and is sometimes not fully actuated by the core depressor in the coupler used to attach the BluVac.  The core depressor in the coupler is screw-in type.  Turn the depressor 2 turns and try again.  The partially open Schrader does not allow proper gas pressure to be communicated to the sensor.

BluVac App

I can’t pair my BluVac+ with Android. What can I do?

Answer: The BluVac+ products do not need to be paired to your Android device. Simply open the BluVac app, go to the toolbox (bottom right icon), pull down to scan and connect directly to your BluVac+ product.

BluVac App

I can’t pair my BluVac+ with Android my Note10/S10. What can I do?

Answer: Click here for detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot this matter. 

BluVac Gauge

What is the correct placement on equipment for the BluVac gauges?

Answer: If you’re doing a single hose evacuation, the BluVac gauges should be placed on the high pressure side (liquid side).  Open the port to the pump on the low side.  Watch this short 1-minute video to learn more.

TruBlu & BluVac Setup

I don’t know how to set up and use the TruBlu Hoses with the BluVac gauge.

Answer: Watch this video to see a visual demonstration of how to set up your tools.  Note: You must use a core tool in order to valve off the system at the end of the evacuation process.

Does port size matter?

You say TruBlu Hoses are faster, but isn’t it all about the port size anyways?

Answer: In short, no, the port size is not the limiting factor on speed of an evacuation.  Jim has great example of how ports play a role in evacuation.