There’s Nothing Like BluVac!

There’s nothing like BluVac, nothing that competes with BluVac, and nothing that beats BluVac for HVAC and Refrigeration Evacuation. Simply put, patented features you will only find with BluVac protect us from the competition.

  • Highest accuracy and resolution on all our micron gauges (5% +/- 5 micron accuracy, 0.1-micron resolution (BluVac+ Pro) and 1-micron resolution (BluVac+ LTE, Micro))
  • Built-in oil sensor — BluVac+ informs the operator of contamination. Subsequently, can be cleaned easily with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Self Diagnostics — BluVac+ can check its own calibration and inform the operator if calibration is required.
  • Self Calibrated — Full factory accuracy can be achieved simply by placing the BluVac+ in the freezer. No vacuum pump or reference gauge required.
  • Analog Bargraph Display (BluVac+ Pro, LTE) — provides a quick visual indication of evacuation progress.
  • Advanced Power Management — provides up to 300 hours of operation on a single 9V battery (BluVac+ Pro, LTE) or 100 hours on 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (Micro).
  • Instant warm-up and instant response.
  • Combined with high resolution, it shows precisely what is occurring inside the evacuated volume at any instant in time. Moisture, dissolved refrigerant, outgassing, and leaks are easily detected.
  • Wide Operating Temperature and Pressure Range — BluVac+ is among the very few micron gauges that can operate within full specifications from 10°F/-12°C to 122°F/50°C and throughout the entire pressure range without derating based upon temperature/pressure.
  • 1000 PSI Maximum Overpressure — BluVac+ will not be destroyed (or even harmed) by charging a system prior to valving off the gauge.

The BluVac+ Pro and LTE gauges also include:

  • Leak Rate Indicator — shows the rate-of-change of pressure in units/second or units/minute.  This valuable information helps an operator to determine if the rise rate is due to leaks or moisture.
  • Temperature Indicator — displays ambient temperature with 0.1C/F resolution and 0.1C/0.2F accuracy.

The top-of-the-line BluVac+ Pro also includes the following outstanding productivity features:

  • Programmable — automates the evacuation process and rise-time analysis by both pressure and time.  Sounds an audible/visual alarm when evacuation/rise-time testing is complete.  A rise-time PASS indication can be achieved in as little as 15 seconds, depending upon the condition of the system under evacuation.
  • Additional display units:  inHg and PSI

BluVac technology was developed over a period of 8 years and launched in October 2010.  The main impetus behind the BluVac program was to produce a micron gauge technology that solves the basic problems affecting micron gauges utilized in HVAC service.

BluVac Solves:

  • Lack or loss of calibration
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Oil/particulate contamination
  • Measurement speed
  • Power requirements

The patented BluVac technology addresses all of those issues through a combination of a novel thermistor based vacuum sensing technique and advanced digital signal processing via an on-board CPU.  Working together, the BluVac gauges provide a highly accurate, high-speed, low power, high confidence solution to measuring pressure during HVAC evacuation.  Powerful self-diagnostic capabilities, plus the ability to be recalibrated without any special equipment, ensure that the gauge is always operating to its highest accuracy and performance.

All Bluvac+ products connect via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS device using our BluVac app, or can run stand-alone.